Adults (Mid Week Hoops)

Mid Week Hoops are our adults social leagues which runs on a Wednesday night at Franklin Pool & Leisure. Secondary school aged players are permitted to play in these leagues at the discretion of Franklin Basketball. 

2020 League Dates

Term Registrations Close League Starts Cost Per Player
1 CLOSED Wed 19th February $70.00 pp
2 CLOSED Wed 6th May $70.00 pp
3 CLOSED Wed 22nd July $70.00 pp
4 Mon 5th October Wed 14th October $70.00 pp

Entry Information:

  • Each player must register individually online as a member which will generate an invoice being emailed to you (You need to know what grade you are entering)
  • All fees must be paid by the due date on the invoice. 
  • A team list must be submitted by the registration closing date to
  • Each team must have a minimum of 7 players.
  • Matching singlets with numbers (front & back) compulsory, no uniform, no play, no exceptions.
  • 3 grades (Mixed, Mens A, Mens B), Max of 4 teams per grade.
  • Once ALL PLAYERS have paid IN FULL and registered online the team is fully registered. All outstanding fees need to have been paid before players can register for Term 4.
  • All teams required to do score bench duty as per schedule/draw provided. 
  • Casual fill in players $10 per game charged to Manager/Captain (Who/How this is paid up to Manager/Captain).

Fine System:

  • $50- If your team does not have a minimum of two players for score bench duty the Manager/Captain will be charged.
  • $50-If your team defaults a game, minimum of 4 players to start the game.
  • $50-Playing players from another team within the same grade.
  • $50- Playing players with outstanding fees or fines). 
  • Casaul/Fill in players - Teams that play an unregistered player will have a charge of $10 (per player per game) to the teams Manager/Captain. It is up to the team how/who pays it but it must be paid before the start of the following weeks game. **Players from the same grade cannot fill in for another team. If this happens this team will default and be fined.

How to Register:

  • Register your team by emailing
  • Have your players register individually into the correct grade using the instructions below


If you already have a profile either from being a parent of a player or playing last term then you need to:

  1. Log in
  2. Check your details
  3. Select "Mid Week Hoops" as the season
  4. Select the grade your team in entering into
  5. Click "Sign up"


  1. Scroll to the top of this page and select 'Register as a Member' in the top right hand corner
  2. Click "Adult"
  3. Complete players information section with as much information as possible
  4. Select "Mid Week Hoops" as the season
  5. Select either Mens A, Mens B or Mixed as the programme
  6. Add details for an emergency contact and click "Proceed"
  7. Tick that you agree to the terms and conditions and click "Proceed"
  8. Check over the summary and then click "Sign Up"

If you have any questions regarding our Mid Week Hoops leagues please contact Jamie Reddish- or 021 1707425

Term 4 2020 League Info

League Rules

Score bench Duty Roster