Junior Club Competition

Please refer to the our clubs drop down menu above for Franklin Basketball Association (FBA) affiliated clubs. We are currently in the process of establishing additional community clubs. 

These clubs have taken over from our Franklin Basketball run Junior Club program and will operate as an affiliatd club with guidance, resourcing and support from Franklin Basketball Association. 

Our affiliated Pukekohe clubs are zoned in order to prevent super teams being formed. These zones can be found on maps at the bottom of this page. 

Player Eligibility for Club Zones: 

  1. Players are eligible to represent the club in which their usual residence resides within the defined club zone. 
  2. If a player attends a school situated outside their zone of residence, then the player may choose to play for either the club within their zone of residence or the club that their school is located in zone for. 
  3. Players who attend Pukekohe Intermediate or Pukekohe High School are unable to use their current school zone for eligibility; they must play for the zone they reside in, or for their historical club prior to attending Intermediate or High School.
  4. If a new club is formed and covers a new zone, players who have been playing previously for an existing club are not required to change unless they wish to. If they do change clubs, they will no longer be eligible for the historical club unless they live or attend school within that club zone.
  5. If a player is eligible to play for more than one club; 

             4.1 They can only register for the other club at the conclusion of the current season with prior approval from FBA.

             4.2 A player may only make one player movement between clubs within the same calendar year. 

E.g A player is eligible for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 based on where he attends schools and resides. During Term 1 the player plays for Zone 1 but for Term 2 the player decides to register for Zone 2. This player is unable to change clubs again during this calendar year and is required to wait until registrations for Term 1 the follwing year to transfer back to Zone 1.

  • Players who reside or attend school outside of the zones shown below are eligible to register for the closest zone to where they reside or attend school.

E.g Players who reside in Bombay are elijible to play for Zone 2, however once a new zone/club has been established closer to this area then they will be able to play within their eligible zone as per rules above.

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